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"Adventure Sphere"

Objan's a kind-hearted person with an adventerous mood. Not the smartest person, but you'll always see him having fun, most times with his friends, his best friend being UserUnknown, whenever one of the two has a big adventure, the other's tagged along for it.

Objan spends most his time around One Up City, that's where he resides, after all. Mostly known for his quick reaction time and faster-than-normal agility, able to dodge a speeding bullet!

Has a story he doesn't like to share. Also allergic to the month of June, nobody knows why, not even he does.



Mario Mayhem Hero

ATTACK - 2/10
DEFENSE - 7/10


- Objan appeared before WDD even started!

- Objan's full name is Objan Objay, sort of like Mario's situation.

- Objan was the winner of SOOS, the competition held before SMSC.

- Objan is aware of the multiverse hub, and even travels there every so often, but is always insistent on not staying there for long.

- Objan has some history with 2 other now deceased people, but he doesn't like to talk about it.

- ..Well, he knew another guy who was eager to become friends, but he died permanently too soon to really get to know each other.

- Objan almost used a powerup in Halloween 2021, but thought of a last minute idea.

- Ended up backfiring, as he didn't want to stay in the clothes he was wearing when his old friends died.

- Objan's favourite powerup is the Raccoon Leaf due to knowing how to fly with it (He's mastered it by this point!)

- Objan with some animal-suit power-ups (notably in the Sprixie Kingdom) is similiar to Bowser, turning into the actual animal instead.

- This leads to the item's side effect affecting Objan slightly more than usual.

- Objan's chicken mind triggers when another chicken is with him (Or Steve)

- June (the month) gives him allergies. No particular reason, it's just the month where he gets allergies.

- Objan has a flower for a heart, a surprisingly magical one... too magical, and powerful for some.

- Actually, that might be the reason he has allergies. Not saying anything, though.

- Objan isn't good at math.

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