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Mario & The Twilight Trail | Mario Animation
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This is where most videos take place, everything in one big playlist for you to see! Watch Mario go through many adventures, who knows, maybe his friends will be there!


Mario and friends have been sent an invitation to another dimension! There they meet up with friends and foes, new or old. With them being split into 4 teams, they're all gonna have to fight for a special prize. What's the prize? We'll have to find out soon...

22 contestants, 1 mystery prize, this is the

Super Mario Super Challenge!


An otherworlder has kept themself alive, despite everything that was thrown at them. And just when the Mushroom Kingdom seems it's safest, the dealmakers have already made their move.


Something terrible has happened in the Mushroom Kingdom, 3 strange figures appear from a portal to the Ultiverse wanting power from above, Mario, with the help of Luigi, has to fight to keep them out of their universe and prevent other dimensions from facing the fate that they intend on.


Bowser and Kurten have created another version on Luigi, and just when Mario has returned from a good vacation, the green thunder is already on the attack.

SMAQ logo.png

Taking place in the early 2000s, Flash Mario and Luigi get ahold of the internet, unfortunately Bowser also discovers the power that the world wide web has in their world, and plans to use it for his own good. Can Mario and Luigi stop him from taking over the world with his epic internet schemes? Find out!.. eventually.


(This adventure is not canon to Mario Mayhem)

Mario discovers that the princess has been kidnapped after he arrives to the castle, as well as the Eternal Star! With the universe at stake, Can Mario rescue the princess or die trying? 


Comic Club, powered by the SMSC Audience Portal, takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, and shows everybody what the side characters are up to, specifically Objan and UserUnknown.

Be sure to catch new ones on the YouTube community tab, and if you can't find them, check the discord, go to #roles and get yourself the comic club role!

Can't access the discord? View the Powerup Pack here!


Pixelcraftian Shorts is a place for YouTube Shorts related to Pixelcraftian content, or mostly just funny things of high quality that don't fit on Othercraftian. You should check it out, it's cool.



Follow 5 heroes as they go on mini-adventures across Dreamland and potentially other worlds! Through their quest, they have to go through many obstacles, such as villains who get in their way, but Kirby OCs come their way to aid them in their troubles!

This series is discontinued.

As for future WDD content, you won't find any on my channel. However, there is always the fan rewrite.


(discontinued + finished series)

16 contestants enter a strange void arena hosted by the ones and only Pixel and Galaxy. 13 episodes came and went and it all bottled down to one winner.

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