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"Forest Slayer"

The failed experiment. Tally is a machine designed to be like Mario, but after an experiment went horribly wrong, what went from a hero turned into essentially a demon. They took over a dark forest where they stay to avoid rain (they aren't waterproof), but they sometimes come out to look for enemies, just to kill for fun.

If you hear him, then start running, because he's definitely heard you.



Mario Mayhem Villain

ATTACK - 9.5/10
DEFENSE - 4/10


- Absolutely DO NOT mess with Tally, he could most likely beat you in a fight and make it hurt.

- Tally has their limits, they won't fight a fight they know they won't win, though they'll still pester the opponent if it lands in a stalemate.

- Tally's forest has nothing alive in it because they killed everything. They call the forest "Dead Forest" because of him.

- Tally uses They/It pronouns, but doesn't mind he/him pronouns, you're still a target either way.

- Tally despises Draw and always tries to one-up them.

- Tally is extremely vulnerable compared to other Mario robots but is too hard to get close to.

- They've currently perma-killed 23 people whilst also breaking bones.

- Tally is the second prototype of the Mario robots, after Robo-Mario, but before Gold and Metal Mario.

- Tally can use 1-UPs, but can't Game Over, like all the over robots, if they "Game Over", they break and people have to come fix them.

- Tally lacks proper sentience, he's sentient enough but due to this he's more of a machine than a person, and is more violent because of it.

- Tally can use powerups, but he decides not to as they can hinder his programming.

- Tally is sure he could beat an overpowered foe, but does he want to find out? Of course not.

- The only reason Tally worked with the heroes in Mario VS The Otherworld was because he had bigger targets.

- Tally could communicate through the Otherworld Cherry clone, attempting to warn others.

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