The failed experiment. Tally is a machine designed to be like Mario, but after an experiment went horribly wrong, what went from a hero turned into essentially a demon. They took over a dark forest where they stay to avoid rain (they aren't waterproof), but they sometimes come out to look for enemies, just to kill for fun. Usually roams around with a gray screen and black eyes, but when in attack mode, you'll expect to see a lot of scary faces that'll keep you up at night.

"Forest Slayer"



Mario Mayhem Villain

ATTACK - 9/10
DEFENSE - 3/10


- Absolutely DO NOT mess with Tally, he could most likely beat you in a fight and make it hurt.
- Tally has their limits, they won't fight a fight they know they won't win, though they'll still pester the opponent if it lands in a stalemate.
- Tally's forest has nothing alive in it because they killed everything. They call the forest "Dead Forest" because of him.
- Tally uses They/It pronouns, but doesn't mind he/him pronouns, you're still a target either way.
- Tally despises Draw and always tries to one-up them.
- Tally is extremely vulnerable compared to other Mario robots but is too hard to get close to.
- They've currently perma-killed 23 people whilst also breaking bones.
- Tally is the second prototype of the Mario robots, after Robo-Mario, but before Gold and Metal Mario.
- Tally can use 1-UPs, but can't Game Over, like all the over robots, if they "Game Over", they break and people have to come fix them.
- Tally lacks proper sentience, he's sentient enough but due to this he's more of a machine than a person, and is more violent because of it.
- Tally can use powerups, but he decides not to as they can hinder his programming.
- Tally is sure he could beat an overpowered foe, but does he want to find out? Of course not.