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"The Detective"

Kabe is the main detective in the Multiversal Detective Service, pairing with Kebe. During work hours, he uses newly gained information and explores the multiverse looking to solve cases in worlds he, prior to this, couldn't access. He mainly spends work time at the more obsure areas within his universe and the Mario universe, as weirdly, those are the most common places where mysteries happen. As of writing this, his latest ongoing case is solving the issue of how a certain shopkeeper keeps getting away with undercover crime.



Mario Mayhem Friend

ATTACK - 4/10
DEFENSE - 3/10


- Kabe's friends consist of Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee and Kebe. Kirb disappeared one day and the case went cold.

- Kabe is the smartest of the group, clearly using his smarts nowadays more.

- He's spent 2 years trying to teach Kebe to become a professional detective, and whilst Kebe's still the same person she is now, there's been remarkable progress.

- Kabe is actually a drawing come to life!.. though, nobody knows how it was possible. Some say it's a magic pencil summoned from the Fountain of Dreams.

- Kabe has tried to deal with Mr. L numerous times, but due to Mr. L's sheer dumb luck + strength, he doesn't accept cases with Mr. L or Cherry in the picture.

- Kabe deals with Magolor and Marx too many times, one is shady business and loose ends, one is mischevious and manipulative. Both are stupid and occasionally evil, but are kind at heart. The two both vandalise his house slightly every Saturday as a "Magolor Day Eve" gift.

- Kabe roots for Kirby in SMSC. He was the only one not bothered when the gang heard that only Kirby was invited.

- Kabe has a scar on his head. Let's just say, he had a case, and found the murderer.

- Kabe learnt how to travel the multiverse from UserUnknown, he keeps this information confidential, not even Kebe knows.

- Oh, hey! Just a heads up, there's a looooot of stuff retconned from Waddle Dee Delight, if you didn't already know.

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