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"Mushroom Kingdom's Super Star"

Mario is the iconic hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, when the kingdom is in peril, Mario's always happy to help, no matter how dire the situation and has serious skill, use of special power-up abilities or allies to help him, When he's not rescuing the princess, he still has a lot of adventures under his belt like karting, partying or stumbling into situations due to curiosity, he does that a lot, either alone or with friends. He hangs out a lot with his friends, Blue Toad and Toadette. How could you not like this red plumber? He's extremely awesome.



Mario Mayhem Main Character

ATTACK - 7/10
DEFENSE - 5/10


- He's the main hero!

- He's super awesome (and my favourite character)

- Mario's only brother is Luigi!

- He loves going on adventures, even ones that end with lots of lives lost.

- Mario thinks of Flash Mario as a friend, but it isn't mutual.

- Mario's favourite powerup is the Fire Flower, the one he most recognises.

- Mario tends to have mini-adventures in his sleep, but one key moment is Super Mario Bros. 2

- Mario's "Player Colour" is red, but some adventures and powerups haven't abided by Mario's player colour, for some odd reason.

- Mario has red overalls with a brown shirt, but he does wear the modern look every now and then.

- Mario and Bowser aren't friends, but they aren't total enemies either. Mario doesn't mind him when he's not doing anything bad..

- ..In fact, Mario and Bowser sometimes get along, for example, Super Mario Bros. 3 was an amazing performance.

- Mario went on vacation for February with Future Mario, how nice :]

- Mario still isn't too aware of the multiverse hub, he just thinks of it as a different dimension, though he is weirded out that he's met supposedly 2 more identical versions of himself.

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