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Watch Beyond the Bounds!

An otherworlder has kept themself alive, despite everything that was thrown at them. And just when the Mushroom Kingdom seems it's safest, the dealmakers have already made their move.

bad ending


Experience the.. full adventure?

Experience the full adventure!

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Episode -3

E Gadd invents a machine that transports people into video games, so why not get Mario involved and involuntarily

increase Mario's enemy count?

Episode -2

Mario enters the flash game "Unfair Mario", in which he meets another version of him which is friendly! But when the traps seem their lowest, something seems to interrupt.

Episode -1

What was going to be a friendly game of Bowser's Lair Hockey gets interrupted by some "Revenge Seeker", bringing Mario into the

world of Mario 85, and somebody familiar wants to... play.

Episode -0.5

Mario takes a detour into the Dead Forest, and finds Tally along the way, who later he needs to escape from.

Episode 0

Tally eavesdrops a conversation from a group of two who appear to be a lot more than he can handle.


Episode 1

Mario's back where it started, but something's odd about the world of Syobon Action though, it seems the other sentients have been teleported here too, and 2 particular sentients don't want Mario alive anymore...

Episode 2

With all the sentients out of E Gadd's machine, this only stirs the pot for more trouble. Mario ventures off to stop evil before it starts, but happens to meet somebody else along the way...

Episode 3

Mr. L & Cherry, an unexpected duo team up to stop Mario, teamed up with the Otherworld. Mario now has to fight against a 5v1 scenario, the chances are looking slim, but can he do it?

Episode 4

A devastating loss for Mario as he attempts to escape the prison that the Otherworld built, and a confusion group of heroes lead by somebody looking for his brother.

What could go wrong?

Episode 5

Mario manages to escape from the Otherworld group, but with only Toad as his teammate and everybody else trapped with the enemy, Mario has to go Beyond The Bounds in order to free his friends and save the day.

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