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"Alien Parasite"

Artipas was sent on a specific mission, to kill all the crewmates on the Skeld and break the ship before they discover something that only Artipas' kind know of, with the Crewmate selected to disguise into and the mission in Artipas' memory like paperwork, it was too perfect of a plan not to fail. And then the host of SMSC got involved and ruined everything, they took the targetted crewmate into the show, and with the Crewmates' hoping to get them back on a perfect ship, they fixed it up quicker than expected before Artipas could arrive. Knowing this, Artipas took a detour to explore the world of SMSC and kill the crewmate and the host for revenge.

Admittedly, one of the dumbest and smallest of his kind, nobody knows why he got a mission like that.



SMSC Only Character

ATTACK - 7/10
DEFENSE - 4/10


- Artipas has no idea what the word "Impostor" means.

- How Artipas got in to the universe of SMSC is completely unknown, but he had an entrance and an exit.

- Artipas used to hate Crewmate, now he absolutely despises him.

- Artipas is back on his home planet. Probably getting told off or something.

- Artipas is one of the dumbest, not THE dumbest of his kind.

- Artipas is TINY compared to the regular aliens on his planet.

- Out of lore discussion, Artipas has a scrapped "third form". I'll probably share it in the future.

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