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After a company's attempts to generate new beings using an old workers unknown technology, a portal appears in various realities, warping the Mario's of those worlds into the Marioverse. It's up to many Marios to free themselves of the prison the company calls a revolution, and to figure out and stop who's doing it.

Spoilers ahead!

Chapter 1

The Marioverse

Episode 1

A mysterious portal appears in Mario's world, trapping him inside the "Marioverse". Mario has to team up with a bunch like him to escape.

Episode 1.5

After the events of Into the Marioverse, it seems the one's doing this have snagged a copy of one of the Mario's and subjects it to a maze inside what they have of the code.

Episode 2

The company responsible for the portals have activated them once again, and are ready this time. Can Mario & Co. reunite and break out once again?

Episode 2.5

As the events of JOIN THE MARIOVERSE go on, Luigi and the rest are left to figure out what's going on, or more importantly, how to get Mario out.

Episode 3

Mario (SMG4)'s devious acts lead to Mario (Level UP) getting separated from the group. Unfortunately, the place he's landed in is swarmed with the NES copies.

Episode 4

When Morio escapes, the company figures something's up, and is on the hunt to prevent the closure of progress.

Episode 5

Team Mario prepare to bring an end to the company's wrongdoings.

Episode 5

After learning that AIROM, the creators of DGA, had been up to this, Team Mario sets out to stop AIROM.

Episode 6

When all is said, and all is done, Team Mario have been caught by AIROM. But with teamwork, and Mario (Land) separated from the group, can the 11 Mario's escape AIROM and return to their lives?

Episode 1.1

The king of a universe is taken by the portal.

Chapter 2

Coming Soon

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