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"False Hero"

A mass murderer in his digital, yet gruesome world. MX, Mario's formidable faker. All he wants to do is play, well, in his words. In actuality, it's probably a whole lot more than "play", see what he... oh, that's right.

Currently resides in his game-world, with a vengeance on the ones who've wronged him.



Mario Mayhem Villain

ATTACK - 10/10
DEFENSE - 9/10


- MX is a character owned by @FrazzDude, starring as the antagonist in "Mario 85". MX's sprites after Beyond The Bounds are by @Inferno_Plumber.

- MX is what E Gadd calls a "sentient", someone originally from a computer program turned sentient by Mario's (or in this case, somebody elses) appearance.

- MX found their way to Syobon's world after a situation with an antivirus. They're friends now as they both share the same intentions.

- MX would destroy Tally in a fight.

- Luggo would destroy MX in a fight.

- MX hates Lucas to the point of murdering him over and over again, but it's become common to him at this point, so if he's without Lucas, he doesn't really know what to do next, MX might even start to miss him. It only takes an eyesight for the hate to start flowing back, though.

- MX doesn't think Mario is as good as a target as Lucas is, best reason why; MX hasn't actually killed Mario yet.

- MX hates Cherry simply because Cherry got to Lucas before he did.

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