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This will not be 1.4 because.. well, a NPC reset deleted every boss, so until those are back, we'll remain at 1.3, nevertheless, stuff has been added!

+ Added new advancements!
+ Added Wario (CHAR)
+ Re-Added mike (BOSS)
+ Added Gweenie (CHAR)
+ Added Bedrock (CHAR)
+ Added Chicken (CHAR)
+ Added One Heart (CHAR)
+ Added Blaze (CHAR)
+ Added Cap. Toad (CHAR)
+ Added Disguise Skins
+ Added Coin Vouchers
+ Added Creeper Disguise
+ Added Dragon's Soul
+ Added Frog Suit (Item)
+ Added [TOAD] Tag
+ Added [TOADETTE] Tag
+ Added [MUSHROOM] Tag
+ Added [SUPER] Tag
+ Added [FLOWER] Tag
+ Added Mario's Cap (Item)
+ Added Super Bell (Item)
- Removed Bluigi

Have a nice day everybody :]

Hey, it's Pixel. I'd like to give a quick update. Pixelcraftian News Classic is awesome, but it's mostly unread and just for Minecraft Server Updates. So I'd like to give everybody the chance to head into the SMSC Audience Discord where more updates are given there.

This will still be used, but mostly just for big Minecraft Server updates and maybe video-related stuff, I'll try my best to keep this okay-ish-ly active, but I can't promise anything.

Have a nice day :)

// Pixelcraftian

Pixelcraftian Server Season MX 1.3: The Universal Update

Oh boy. What have I done this time? I've gone and crushed all my free time. There is so much new stuff in the server now.

+ Added 100+ Splashes to the Server List
+ Added too many advancements...
+ Opened the End
+ Added Universal P-Wing
+ Added Super Star
+ Added Universal Star
+ Added Swimstar
+ Added 20 Second P-Wing
+ Added Golden Mushroom
+ Added Speed Mushroom
+ Added Games
+ Added Make The Jump (Game)
+ Relocated Spleef
+ Added Burnt Tools
+ Added Block of Coins
+ Added Wearable Cobblestone
+ Added Fade Glass
+ Added Edible Flesh
+ Added Burnt Edible Flesh
+ Added Computer Helmet
+ Added Hyper Computer Helmet
+ Added Glitched Computer Helmet
+ Added Hypercarl (Boss)
+ Added Retaken_Avery.cmd (Boss)
+ Added Sandshifter (Boss)
+ Added mike (Boss)
+ Added Plains Protector (Boss)
+ Added Forest Dweller (Boss)
+ Added Marksman (Boss)
+ Added Lost Player (Boss)
+ Added Ponesa (Boss)
+ Added jake (Boss)
+ Added Endime (Boss)
+ Added USB Codename ??????
+ Added mike ingot
+ Added Forest Dweller's Arm
+ Added Piglin Meat
+ Added Bottled Wither
+ Added jake's sword
+ Added Splash Potion of Pocket Sand
+ Added Perma Sandstone Sword
+ Added Marksman's Bow
+ Added Hyper Emeralds
+ Added Lime/Red Combined Power
+ Added FNF Boyfriend Armor
+ Added Red Coin Advancement Texture
+ Added Creeper Candy
+ Added Purple Slime
+ Added Enchanted Slime Blocks
+ Added Edible Purple Slime
+ Added Purplified Tools
+ Added Chrous Rods
+ Added Chrous Planks
+ Added Chorus Crafting Table
+ Added Super Crafting Table
+ Added End Stone Tools
+ Added Diamond Nuggets
+ Added Scribbled Coin
+ Added Microphone
+ Added Hyper Emerald Block
+ Added Hyper Blade
+ Added Pufferfish 2
+ Added Name Tag Recipe
+ Added Block of Oak
+ Added Visible Void
+ Added Structure Void Recipe
+ Added Iron Shuker Box
+ Added a way to turn Nether Wart Blocks back into Nether Warts
+ Added Lights Sabotage
+ Added Super Diamond Block
+ Added Nether Warp
+ Added End Warp
+ Added Coin Collector
+ Added the Advancer
+ Added Kompass Keeper
+ Added TGTTOSACAP Parkour
+ Added SMB1 Arrow
+ Added Lapayia
+ Added Lapis Ingot
+ Added Lapayia Tools
+ Added Lapayia Armor
+ Added Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette and Red Toad Buddies
+ Renamed "Yourself" character to "No Perks"
+ Added Pixel Pack World Mix Resource Pack
+ Retextured Glazed Terracotta to be many Super Mario Blocks
+ Retextured some Concrete and Terracotta to be Mario-Palette Accurate
- Didn't remove Herobrine

Yikes. That is a lot of stuff added. We might as well go all the way and include the 1.2 patch notes too.

1.2: The Tool Update
+ Added Diamond Ingot
+ Added Metal Cookie
+ Added Apple Gold
+ Added Apple Gold Tools
+ Added Granite Tools
+ Added Diorite Tools
+ Added Andesite Tools
+ Added Sandstone Tools
+ Added Red Sandstone Tools
+ Added Chainmail Scrap
+ Added Chainmail Ingot
+ Added Craftable Chainmail Armor
+ Added Blaze Gold Pickaxe
+ Added Diteria
+ Added Diteriated Potion
+ Added Diteriated Fishing Rod
+ Added Diteriated Ender Eye
+ Added Weak Elytra
+ Added Diteriated Elytra
+ Added Toadette (Character)
+ Added Peach (Character)
+ Added Chorus Fruit Recipe
+ Added Splashes
- Disabled Elytra Combining

This is what so much free time gets me. No videos and very updates. I'm trying my best to get a video out ASAP, see you soon!

Pixelcraftian Server Season MX Release

Forgot to let everybody know, Season MX has been released! We've already done 2 weekly events, that's new! You can fight Mike, Plains Protector, and other bosses for cool stuff, you can get custom advancements, currency is cool! No pay to win, Mario Power-ups/obtainables.. it's an amazing Super Mario SMP! The first version changelogs is exclusive to the Discord, so go check that out too!

Hope you come and join! IP is at the Minecraft Server page located to your right!

- Pixelcraftian

Looks like I missed out on some things!

Sorry for the long wait, but finally, the new PC Update is here.

First off, the Minecraft Server has stopped updating. Understand that this might be a disappoint to many, but 1.17 is out, come on. If I do update it, it's probably gonna be another reset. Again, very sorry

Secondly, I'm gonna try use the twitter (@PixelcraftianOf) more often. Expect more tweets :]

Thirdly, SMSC 5 is out! As well as Donkey Kong Bloopers! Go to the Pixelcraftian YouTube Channel and check it out!

On the topic, very sorry for not uploading for like 3 weeks lol. I've made another animation completely (gonna not share the title until i upload it) in the time it took to make SMSC 5, and I'm now working on another 2 projects both going on YouTube and Newgrounds, Mario VS Amogus, and Pretty Much Friday Night Funkin': The Hunt. I also animated something really awesome!.. which I can't tell you about. Pro tip, it's not for my channel. This is sounding like a direct at this point. I hope most of the projects I'm making actually come out lmaoooooo

I don't know who uses this for frequent updates, but to whoever does, you're really awesome!!

Be seeing you soon for the next update!

- Pixelcraftian

Right off the bat, this post is just gonna be a little talking.. so... yeah. Read the title.

Yeaaahhh I don't really know what to do nowadays on the awesome computer. I've been less focused on being funny inside and more of being funny outside lol, something I should really stop, I mean my whole life has been made on this, I can't stop here.. And that's why I'm forcing myself to make SMSC 5. Wahoo

Honestly, I don't even know if it's considered a break since it's been 3 days since the last video I've posted, that being the NEW MARIO BATTLE CALAMITY :)))))) OUT NOW!!! GO WATCH ON THE PIXELCRAFTIAN YOUTUBE CHANEL :DDDDDDDDDD

Aside from that, I have still been animating, I've made 2 little reanimations for the SMBZ Episode 8 Reimagined collab, so that's nice also.

So.. I've been doing pretty well for myself, see you soon for another video.. eventually :]

// Pixelcraftian (<--- boy, i've been forgetting to do this)

Season M3 ended in a big bang, literally, the spawn was destroyed and everybody had to escape via time travel. We're in the future! 20XY, years have passed and toads think everyone had disappeared, unfortuantly, that's not the case.

- Recipe Book Removed due to dupe, will find a way to put recipes on this website.
+ Revamped Spawn
+ New Overworld
+ New Nether
+ New End
+ Re-added everything item back from M3 to M4.
- Several characters still WIP.
+ Added Multidimensional TPA'ing
- Temporarily removed Spleef
+ Added Peach (Character)
- Captain Toad is now out of items to sell, but will soon be selling more!
- Pink Squad Toads now know you're back.

To start, I've recently released Super Mario Battle Royale! You can view it by simply clicking on the title! It's a remake of Mario Battle Royale, with.. less custom powerups.

Next up, Newgrounds! I've been putting specifically newgrounds animations on there, such as Flash Sticks and Pretty Much Friday Night Funkin'. It's more Othercraftian-y than Pixelcraftian-y, so proceed with caution!

Up next, SMSC IS HAVING A Q&A! Visit this post to ask questions to anybody in the competition! This will also be the next video on the Pixelcraftian YouTube Channel!

Finally, about the minecraft server, we reached the breaking point, we had it fixed but we decided to have a reset anyway as it's been longly anticipated. The server will reset at 11PM BST. So get your pictures! The plots and skyblock will stay the same, except inventories will be wiped lol

Introducing the Lapis and Crate Update! This brings out tool additions and armor additions! We also introduced something cool!

+ Added Crates (These aren't Pay-to-win, you use Coins to pay for these!)
   + Added Simple Crate
   + Added Risky Crate
   + Added Hat Crate
+ Added Crate Keys
   + Keys now have a unique texture!
+ Added Trader Key Kreator
+ Added Lapayia
+ Added Lapayia Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots
+ Added Lapayia Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe
+ Added Lapis Ingot
+ Added Modified Lapayia Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots
+ Added Modified Lapayia Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe
+ Added Simple Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe
+ Added Void Hat
+ Added Herobrine Sightings
+ Added Blaze Gold Pickaxe
+ Added Stone Chestplate
+ Added Diorite Dust
+ Added Appley Gold
+ Added Trader Shade
+ Added Trader Illego
+ Added the Totem of Luck
+ Added Metal Cookie
+ Added Creeper Candy
+ Added Hardened Redstone
+ Added Herobrine

Hope you enjoy this awesome new update with awesome new features! This puts more use into Lapis, like we did with Emerald! Hope you have a good day! :D

// Pixelcraftian

Introducing a bigger update, the Armor Update. Some little additions to make the server stand out!

+ Added Computer Screen
+ Added Computer Helmet
+ Added Money Tree
+ Added Bandana
+ Added Cursed Chestplate
+ Added Emerald Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots
+ Added Herobrine

I hope you enjoy this update, a bit more variety to the armor set has started! See the recipe book on how to craft these items!

// Pixelcraftian

The Crafting Update is now out! The CustomCrafting plugin has finally decided to work after a while, so now it's back to the table!

+ Added CustomCrafting
   + Added soooooo many recipes
+ Added Compressed Coin Chunks (9 Coin Chunks in one item!)
+ Added new Captain Toad trades
   - Ended the MAR10 sale :(
+ Re-added SMB1/2/3/W/Wahoo Armor Recipes
+ Re-added L Candy Recipe
+ Re-added SMB1 Block Recipes
+ Re-added Golden Drink Recipe
+ Re-added Peaceful Totem of Undying
+ Re-added Corrupt Chunk Recipe
+ Added Emerald Apple
+ Re-added Zombie Spawn Egg Recipe
+ Re-added Diamond/Netherite Coin Recipes
   + Re-added Netherite Coin Recipes
+ Re-added Super Pink Boots Recipe
+ Re-added Coin Tool Recipes
+ Re-added Dinnerbone Diamond/Iron/Netherite Tools
+ Added more GUI textures (Made by Funny_Captain!)
+ Blue Terracotta replaced with SMB1 Underground Hard Block
+ SMB1 Underground Block now renamed correctly
+ Black Sign now has an item texture
+ Added Sus Armor (Made by Funny_Captain!)
+ Added Goomba Boots
+ Added the SMB1 Axe
+ Added Bullet Bill
+ Added Poison Potato Pickaxe (it's useless)
+ Added Bumper
+ Added Gooey Guy :)
+ Added Spleef Map: Dumb
+ Added the Elytrakeeper
+ Added Herobrine

Hope you enjoy this very small update! CustomCrafting just opens more doors to more ideas. Have a good day! :D

// Pixelcraftian

SMSC 4 is out now! You can watch it on your Computer, your iPhone, your Google phone, your Xbox 360, your Wii U, your, anywhere that has youtube! Click the title to get to the video :D

The vote link is in the description, but watch the episode first! It gets good!! See you soon!

// Pixelcraftian

SMSC 4 Complete!

SMSC 4 IS COMPLETE!!! It will be released tomorrow!!! See you soon!!! The episode will be mostly outside of the contest, but I think it's a good episode overall! Mark the date, 11th of April 2021 at 4PM BST!!

See you tomorrow!
// Pixelcraftian

Introducing to the Minecraft Server: Spleef!

You know those times when Spleef was popular? Well I don't see that in servers nowadays, literally no server has spleef, and the ones that do don't even allow non-team battles, so I'm putting it in the Minecraft server. Remember, the Minecraft Server IP can be located at the right side of your desktop, or the bottom of your mobile device (however, mobile users cannot join. sorry.), so ready your shovels! It's spleefing time!

+ Added Spleef

   + Added Map: Snowfall

   + Added Map: Boulders

   + Added Map: SuperMario

+ Hopefully fixed that damn chunk error!

- Removed Horde PVP

- Removed Which One's Official

+ Added Herobrine

There's also a new pack that improves the textures by a user by the name of Funny_Captain, you can download it over at the Discord!


SMSC 4 Animation Complete!

I've been trying to improve this classic website with trying to make it accessible on my end and keep it actually looking alright. But aside from that, I finally finished the SMSC 4 animation! Editing has now begun! Hope to see you soon for it's premiere!

// Pixelcraftian

Pixelcraftian Minecraft Server Info now out!

I managed to spill out a bunch of info about the Minecraft Server we have! You can locate it at the journal's social media page, or at the sidebar on your desktop (or at the bottom for mobile people)!

If you didn't know, the IP is, and the version is 1.16.1+! Hope you're having fun!

// Pixelcraftian

Pixelcraftian News Classic Released

Pixelcraftian News Classic has magically appeared on the website! I decided in tribute to the Legacy Minecraft Launcher falling, I'd make this a thing. Been wanting to do it for a while. It should also be mobile friendly, but it's probably not lol, this took a while to make. Hope I actually do something with it.

- Removed Herobrine

Have a good day!
// Pixelcraftian

Happy April Fools Day!

I'm posting this after releasing Pixelcraftian News Classic, but only because this is a changelog and I want changelogs to be here lol.

Happy April Fools Day! In celebration of this day, I released "Mario's Greatest Adventure", which really turned out to be "Super Mario: Awesome Quest", some people want a part 2, so... maybe :]

We had a really big event on the Minecraft Server too, went all out on this one, here's the full changelog before everything was rolled back:

- Captain Toad SMP is now the main focus, instead of Super Mario SMP
- Slime, Spectator, Frog Mario and Otherworld Player are now the only playables.
- Skyblock's Warp Position has been changed
- Spawn is now a Captain Toad safe zone.
- Star Vault blocked off
- All Stars have been removed, any that are in your inventories are "fakes".
- Season M2 Archive blocked off
- The Island Below The Island Below the Island advancement command block changed.
- Herobrine added to Captain Toad SMP
- Plots Warp Position has been changed
- Steve is now the main character of Captain Toad SMP
- Steve is now the main character of Skyblock
- Skyblock is now in Space
- Overworld is now in Space
- The End is now in a Black Hole
- Interaction with Chests/Doors/Crafting Tables in the Super Mario SMP is denied
- PVP is now on in Spawn
- Horde PVP, World PVP and Find the Button removed
- Removed OfficialXau
- Players now die every so often

I thought this was the best update ever! But some people thought otherwise, this WAS gonna be permanent, but I guess the majority vote wins :(

A bit of a shame, but if it's to keep the people happy! Well, see you soon for updates not like this, I guess.

// Pixelcraftian

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