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The Red Moon

Why some people come back, and why some people.. don't.

The red moon is a phenomena that only occurs once every few months, they don't happen often, but when they do, it sends people into panic. The sky gets a hint of orangey red, and the moon.. well, becomes red.

The main issue with the red moon is that whoever loses all their lives under it dies forever. The only solution to survive a red moon is to stock up on lives, but another issue occurs; any injuries during the red moon carries over to your next life. Snapped your leg in half? When you respawn, you'll still have to deal with it, it's lead to cases where people get injured and permanently die due to bleeding out every time they respawn.

Whoever Game Over's during the red moon can either die forever and rest, or become a Soul Boo, enemies who die are usually blue, whilst Toads and humans who die are red. A soul boo remembers most of its previous life, but some tend to forget what it was like to be living.

So, basically: Sky Red? Stay Indoors.
If you're in the /forest, you've already died.

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