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Status Report


Slight problem, whenever we shut down the simulation, all the character generated files are deleted. Everything but the backups. No idea why that keeps happening. All the world files are safe and secure, though, as well as the code.

We had another situation like last time where some tried to break the core, and for whatever reason we have yet to know about; the AI's were passing through some sort of barrier accessible by the core, allowing us to see what they look like. Our patented "Simulation View" technology is quite primitive at the moment, but with the reports, the technology has skyrocketed to future tech. We'll be experimenting with the current core on how the AI's were able to invent such a thing.

Although, with a test's end comes repairs. A lot of the Mario's were trying to break into other folders in the main folder, we had to have 13 employees keep watch. Repeat offenders should have been "nullified" (new word going around the workplace) but the CEO and director of the project, Emma Harris, advised us not to. Only if they get into the deeper levels of the folders. Why we have them? We don't know. Probably something to do with storing the assistants.

Be sure to keep saving back-ups, we'll be continuing the simulation experiments to focus on the new .char files we obtained this session.

Good work today, team.

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