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“... But it doesn’t matter now.”

- "so, we invented this doohickey just to give it to some... random person?"

- "No. There's something to him."

"Everywhere he goes, no matter what, he leaves unhappy. Without a friend. Without maybe even a look."

- "you're explaining this like this isn't a common occurance in your average universe."

"you can't just expect some unlucky, stuck in a rut nobody to be a good wielder of power."

- "This world is friendly. A world that no matter where you go, there will always be someone there to lend a hand."

"And whilst yes, he has received 'a hand' in some small cases.. it's not enough for him. For the usual person, that'd be all to be happy for a night, a week, a month."

"He is unsatisfied, and he will always be unsatisfied."

"He tries so hard to be the good person he thinks he is. But the hand of luck holds him, and pushes him away."

"He is lonely in a world where you can never be alone."

- ".. this is stupid. you're stupid for thinking so much about this."

- "I predict in the years to come he'll be the same as he is now. Unlucky, unfriendly, and his name never spoken by another."

"And if the time comes, a name that won't be remembered. Unknown to the logs, a user never registered."

- "what about the pink guy?"

- "The pink one. Ooh, you'll love hearing this... They talked for a while, it was his only source of friendship. And then.."

- "then what?"

- "They blanked their minds of him. They stopped showing up. Forgot about him."

- "they did that?"

- "Yes. And that threw him over the edge."

"So let us lend him a hand of our own."

"We will give him the attention he so desperately craves,"

".. and we will make him something that will be more than a user unknown."

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