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EGRS (E. Gadd Report Service)

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Hello, this is Duncan. Work has been fantastic. DGA (Oh yeah, I gotta clarify, it's been a while and most of our team already know this, but for those who don't: DGA is the model we've been working on for.. I'd say at least 6 months by now.)


We've worked fast over these few months and DGA is simply excellent. We took Robo-Mario's blueprints and completely changed how it looks, fits more Mario, I'd actually say maybe a metallic version of Mario. That's what we're going for, anyway. Right now, this robot just does simple tasks with barely enough sentience to give us some friendly talk. Unfortunately, his file capacity is low right now, but give it a few weeks and we won't have to wipe all our conversations from his brain(?). Speaking about his "brain", it's in his chest, not the head. Eh, it's probably better that way.

Oliver recently joined the team in making DGA, but ever since he saw the robot's face he's been getting eerie vibes from it. Sure, robots can be scary, but damn Oli, can you go 5 minutes without saying "What if he's evil??????????" We'll just shut him off.

Anyways, back to actual topic: DGA's progress has been going incredible, using the voice modulator in his head we've been able to get near perfect sentences out of DGA. We haven't told him his name, he keeps calling himself AIROM, something we'll have to patch out. We'll probably just program his knowledge so that he knows he's named "DGA" for the time being.

I've been meaning to get the roadmap, but Elvin won't talk to me until he's had his coffee, and when he DOES have his coffee, he's too busy monitoring other projects and viewing the progress on this. Let me know if anybody has it, I need it so I can actually work. DGA is impressive for now, but we can take Advantage of his really impressive jump capabilities, get stuff off the top shelf haha. Anyways, putting this here so I don't forget, the password is GSI.

You know where to find me.

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