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This page is old and is gonna be deleted soon.
Because, well, it's not used now. And assuming no one cares, it'll be deleted in a few days. See ya!



This is what people look like usually, but in the Mario world, some people turn small when damaged, so this is used to regain height. Will give the user the ability to break bricks with simple punches.



The user will gain the ability to throw fire balls, they bounce around and eventually fizzle out, the users clothes will turn white and red, sometimes their player color in some cases. Aiming isn’t the strongest ability, but fire throwing in general is just cool.



Will give slight immune to the cold’s freeze. Able to throw ice balls. If collided with another person/enemy, will freeze them in a cube, leaving them vulnerable. The ice makes it easier to carry around heavier characters. Clothes changing are the same as fire, but instead of white, they change to light blue.



Will make anybody who touches this flash rainbow colors around them, gain fast speeds and become nearly unstoppable, users are still vulnerable to weights, alarming heat or lava, running into walls, and bottomless pits. The powerup is temporary, a fade-away can demotivate a first-time user.



Will make the user small, but will double their size, and make their appearance look more modern. Can smash through regular blocks with ease, but it’s a bit too powerful and could potentially break more things than intended.



Once used, the user will gain raccoon ears and a raccoon tail. The ears appear on a hat you're wearing, but if the user isn't wearing a hat it'll just appear on their head. Sometimes may lead to louder hearing which is why people wear hats instead. The tail when used quickly can lead to attacks when swept around, can make you glide if you repeatedly swipe it and can even make you fly with enough speed. The tail and ears are real, so trying to rip them off will hurt. Sometimes will turn people into fox forms instead, but it'll act the same. Some people say it's unlucky, but people don't care about it as much as the gold flower.



It’s pretty much the same as the Super Leaf, but you wear a whole costume now, and it comes with a new ability. If you try hard enough you can become an entire statue. In this form you can't move anything at all, and your eyesight is very bad. Luckily, it’s only temporary, and it pays off for using it, for example, it’s heavy, so you’ll be able to stomp enemies with ease, and probably more you couldn’t before, like spinies. Sometimes will turn people into kitsune forms instead, but it'll act the same.



Makes becoming a statue easier, and will improve eyesight in your statue form, at the cost of being slightly weaker in the form. The look is the same as the tanooki suit, but with a scarf that's usually the player colour to tell the difference.



Using this powerup gives the user a full frog suit, standing becomes super uncomfortable unless your arms are occupied, making you have to stand on all fours, walking isn’t great either, because to move you have to hop. Luckily, you can breathe underwater much easier, and swimming becomes super useful, being able to stay still and not sink to the ground, and swimming is much faster and easier to do.



Gives the user a helmet and small shell that can reflect most projectiles thrown at it, at a cost, sitting is uncomfortable and sliding down slopes is next to impossible, can throw hammers at quick speeds, but there’s a cool down after throwing 2, they’re very strong hammers, too! Hammer bros will like you more, but they'll most likely still hate you.



Using this gives the user a flash of nostalgia, almost as if music is ringing in their ears, will make the user look retro game boy-green. Able to throw super balls, but they take a long time to stop moving and dissolve, not to mention they'll barely hit corners like a DVD screensaver.



Will give the user a cape, allowing flight. Many first time users find flying hard at first, but eventually get the hang of it. Rumours say this powerup used to be a lot more powerful, but degraded as time went on.



Will give the user a pair of bunny ears able to withstand their weight to the point of barely falling when flapping their ears, it does hinder the hearing a bit when gliding, though. Aside from that, jumping is made easier and higher.



Will make the user 4 times as big, almost unstoppable. Can’t be used in tiny rooms, though, the powerup knows it’s limits. Temporary too, so you can’t show up always big. One of few ways to destroy pipes easily.



Will shrink the user, but will increase their speed and lower their gravity, sometimes able to run over water and even up walls, does make any type of damage an instant death, though. Some secret areas are accessed by only the Mini Mushroom, and they're normally hard to get to overall.



This powerup will give the user a shell on their back. Hiding in the shell is easy, but it won't help when attacked with projectiles. When at top speed, hop in the shell and let it do the running for you. Your sight is heavily affected, as you ARE spinning, it’s possible to jump in the shell, despite being very cramped.



Will make the user look like a bee, the stinger doesn't do anything, so it's just a sitting-prevention annoyance. The user is able to use their small wings to gain seconds of vertical height, the big ability is that you’re able to stick to honey and move around easier, you can even move up walls. Water hurts and will remove the powerup, though.



Will incase the user in a spring, but make their body able to stretch easier, in this form they can only jump/bounce. You won’t be able to take a nap with this on, attempting to crouch will press you down and shoot you into the air.



This will turn anybody who touches it into a vulnerable boo, Regular boos will be able to notice it, but the alive won’t. Going invisible doesn’t hurt, but using the powerup slightly will, considering the fact that Boos are ghosts and technically you’re disguised as the dead. With the Boo Mushroom, you're able to read and speak Booish, which could let the user know about secrets.



Will give you a controllable propeller on your head that can shoot you into the air at high speeds, pulling down while floating will drill you down. The powerup gives you a suit which uses your player color, and, yes, the propeller can support any weight.



Touching this will make the user slightly smaller and makes your arms into penguin arms, which, from what I can tell, doesn’t look like you can hold things great. You will get an extreme immune to the cold, and ice won’t slip you up, plus the fact that you can throw ice balls. The big feature is the movement, sliding down on your stomach will let you slide fast, faster on ice. Your head will penetrate through brick blocks, but be sure to look out because walls can hurt face on. Swimming is like the frog suit, but slightly altered as you can’t swim as great as it can. If given overalls, they are the player colour.



Touching this will give the user the ability to form a rock sphere that sends itself speeding forwards, the user is able to control it, but barely as it’s going very fast. Can give the user slight motion sickness. Mainly used for extreme bowling.



Once used, the user will become super light-weight and fall slower, 3 clouds will accompany you, and you can turn them into temporary platforms by spinning, but unfortunately, they're temporary and they will disappear. The user will need to pick up another cloud flower to regenerate their clouds. Also gives you a slightly jump boost, but it isn't too noticeable.



Will turn you into gold when used, will shorten eyesight a little bit and make it harder to move, and definitely will increase your weight. You can shoot gold flame balls, when collided with anything vulnerable, can turn it into coins. Colliding with other people can kill fast. Some people turn into silver versions, which to some people is seen as unlucky.



Will allow the user to glide in the air by just lifting their arms up, when colliding with a wall, they’ll stick to it easier, but not before sliding down fast. Can also give a giant lift in the air, but floating down will be hindered as it’s slow and will bring you down faster. Gives you the ears and tail, but they’re barely used, and the tail isn’t good for anything. Overalls will be their player colour.



The same as the super acorn, but will give you infinite amount of flight, although it will get tiring eventually, but it does take a really long while. Gliding will show P particles, and they’re quite bright. After some time, it'll turn back into a regular Super Acorn.



When used, will give the user the abilities and traits of a cat, standing is even more uncomfortable when arms aren’t occupied so all fours it is, but sprinting faster than regular running. The users hands and feet will turn into paws and allow them to claw enemies, it can also give them the ability to climb up walls. In the air, users can dive down at an angle and stomp whatever’s below. Side effects do include the user sometimes acting like an actual cat which can distract the user, it's rare though. The cat suit's fur color will mainly be their player colour. Again, tail and ears are real.



It’s the same as the super bell, but now you have a collar on your neck, which allows you to turn into a gold statue. When a statue in the air, dropping will make coins appear. Probably won't be a good look on you on the memory booklet.



Again, it's the same as the super bell. However now you turn 8x your size, able to pick up large objects and toss them around. Standing is slightly less uncomfortable but still enough to make users go all fours. Users will get distracted a lot less than the super bell (mainly because if you're using the Giga Bell you probably have higher priorities)



A man-made powerup designed to turn the user who uses it into a familiar face, the costume mostly doesn’t give any new abilities, it’s just that the user looks different. Some costumes do hinder eyesight or change how a person moves normally. Sometimes the costumes give new abilities, like the spring costume that allows users to use themselves as a springboard. Some powerups have been made into costumes too, but the effects of the powerups won't apply. Fun fact, this powerup is illegal in some cities.



One touched, things start feeling off, you become super skinny and can jump super high. Side effects do include the feeling of being second place, people under the effects of the mushroom aren’t allowed in some public places for some reason. Nobody knows why. Just a weird powerup overall.



Once touched, will summon a clone that does exactly everything you do. If killed, will simply disappear. If you are killed, your mind will swap with the clones, and it’ll die for you. It does have the chance to go rogue and try take you down, but that's a 1 in a million chance, so don't think bad of it.



This powerup is almost the same as the hammer suit, but instead the helmet and shell is blue and boomerangs get thrown out instead! They'll come back at you, but if you dodge it, it'll keep going for a certain time before breaking itself.



This will give the user a bright red nose that might help you in the dark and a santa hat which also gives the user the ability to fly for a short period of time and summon explosive presents, better hope that's not what you're getting this year. The perfect powerup for christmas, but it's expensive because of it's abilities. Some people have banned using this powerup on October for obvious reasons. Merry Christmas!



A poison shroom corrupted by Otherworld blood and a double cherry combined turned into the Otherworld Cherry, using this is highly unrecommended, as making one will produce a evil clone only following a group who devastated the Mushroom Kingdom in another timeline, they'll fight until everybody's dead. If one is summoned, defeat them and they'll vanish.

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