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The Interrogation

Information Hungry

[Tracked Using Environment To Text Technology]
[footsteps heard]
1"Why do you want-a me to speak about them?"
2"Because you know the most."
1"And-a why should I give you any information?"
2".. because we have ways of making you talk."
1[GUESS:no response heard]
2"Look, frankly, I'm one for just hiding, stalking, and letting fate (.. and a bit of easedropping) tell the story. But these guys are everywhere and nowhere. All at once."
1[GUESS:no response heard]
2"Otherworld. Is that their name?"
1"There were-a 3 of them."
2"..reports from Kabe told there was more-"
1".. there's MORE?"
2"Let me finish my sentences, dork. Reports from the Universal Detective Service said there was more in on their plan for.. universal domination? Destruction?.. but I asked for more evidence, and they came up with blanks, saying it was just word of mouth."
2"I heard people from their area saw one of the purples for a second recently."
1"Mama mia."
2"Mia your mama indeed... The Otherworld are a confusing subject, I've heard everything, but there's still questions up in the air. Are they still around today? Any relations? Any other.. what's-it's in the area?"
1"How do you-a know about the..?"
2"What I say before? I'm just good at that."
1"I'mma don't remember--"
2"Slipped out your mouth. I remember it clear as day. Look, Line 1864, Column 23."
1".. you have-a everything?"
2"We have a lot of people on our side."
1"And apparently they-a do too."
2".. Information, nice."
2"Mind explaining more as to the what's-it's in the area?"
1"They can't-a be here. We'd-a know. Mr. Gadd would-a know."
2".. It's gonna be stupid of me, but I'll take your word for it."
2"But with that.. time.. universe.. travel.. thing, or time travel hub.. I don't get what it is, but all of us know it exists (well, just us. we've heard a lot.), and it makes you really wonder."
1"Wonder-a what?"
2"Why do all the portal's have M

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