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It's all gone.


It's all gone.

The first test was incredibly efficient in generating Mario's for complicated neural-network AI spawning, almost too efficient. Some scientists actually started conspiracising that these were all actually Mario's from different realities, even pointing to some of the code literally doing dimension stuff, that code that was part of Kim Erriston's project, so we'll never get an answer to it. The CEO said it couldn't be, and if it was, she'd quit. Personally, I believe the conspiracy, but to each their own.

Most, if not all scientists in the facility were seeing how they could interact with the new world we'd just created, modifying the SSON files that made the structures and dragging the rather extensive list of CHAR files through folders that hosted other "biomes" of land.

Unfortunately mid-way through the test, when a scientist sent a copy of a CHAR file to another, the file ended up going to the core folder, and with some attempts to figure out how to decrypt the file, 10 other files appeared in the folder and in minutes, unawaringly, the entire directory was deleted, wiping at least a years worth of work off of all of our computers. Nobody had any idea what'd happened.

The only things we had left was a rough code-sketch of the CMD and core file, and the least filesize-heavy character copied onto another directory, "mario1985000.CHAR"

Over the next few months, we plan to analyse, study and decrypt the code in the CHAR file, and to all workers in the place: To prevent this situation happening again; save backups. We already have at least 50 copies of mario1985000 across the workplace.

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